Tips For Creating A Promotional Sign That Converts

A sign is only as good as those who read it.  If your sign is boring, confusing or not the right size, many people will just walk by it without a second thought.  However, if you take the time to really put some effort into your design then your signs will stand out and be effective.

Designing your signs and graphics austin does take time and effort.  Knowing some art such as drawing, color composition and even layouts will help in your design process.  Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to better design the perfect sign.


Decide on the size of your sign.  If the sign is too big it will be overwhelming and distracting.  If the sign is too small, then no one will read it.  Also, if the sign is really small and you have a lot of text and information to convey, creating a larger sign may be a better option.


Shapes are important as well.  The shape of your sign will allow you to have different elements appear in unique and creative ways.  When we step away from traditional square signs and use circles, triangles and even abstract shapes they catch the eye of someone who will take a moment to read it.

Colors are important as well.  You want a light color background with dark text or a dark colored background and light text.  Having dark on dark or light on light will not work.  Also, make sure that you pick a readable font.  Many people have the belief that if they use a fancy font it will draw more attention.  The idea behind a font is to make it readable.  Fancy fonts distract from this and no one will read your sign.

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When you have your sign created make sure that you put it in the perfect position to be read.  Having signs too high, low or in odd places will make them useless.  Having a sign eyeline high will ensure that it will be seen by the majority of people who need to see it.