Tips For Cleaning Your Office

Running a business is hard work.  When we spend the majority of our time trying to improve sales, dealing with customers and trying to grow the business, finding the time to clean up afterwards and maintain the office is hard.  For those looking for a cost-effective solution, hiring a los angeles commercial cleaning service to come in and keep your space up to par is a wise and cost-effective investment.

Light cleaning

Light cleaning is the process of taking care of the standard day to day messes.  Taking out the trash, vacuuming the carpets, wiping down the counters and handling any of the obvious eye soars is where most of the light cleaning will take place. 

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Standard Cleaning

A standard cleaning is typically done on Friday.  This is when the work week is completed and no one will be in the office till Monday morning.  Here we may go a little deeper into the cleaning by wiping down glass surfaces such as mirrors and windows.  Cleaners will also buff floors and maybe even wax.  With the standard cleaning all of the typical tasks that would take too long to do during the week are completed.

White Glove Service

Finally, once a month a white glove service can be performed.  With a white glove service cleaners cam come into the office and really do a thorough cleaning job.  This type of service will typically go on once a month.  This is where a major cleaning of the office will be performed.  In this phase of the cleaning you will get air conditioning vents cleaned, furniture moved and cleaned underneath.  All of the heavy cleaning is done in this phase and when completed it will be like you just moved into your office for the first time.